Mega Huge Gigantic Large hair bow wig clip in hair extension custom

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This is the mega huge size version of my Hair bows... The dimensions are 10X4X3 inches *( 25.5 X 10 X 7.5 cm)! Gigantic! Wow!


This bow is made to have hair tucked inside with a wig clip underneath but it can be worn with a thin headband inserted into the knot as well - so you can wear your hair down if you want to.


This is a very versatile bow! I ship it in it's own storage box with instructions on how to wear as an updo style included.


This bow is 4 X the amount of hair that I put in my regular sized hair bows shown here: ->Kawaii Hair Bow! <-


My hairpieces are available in over 20 colors!


I can match your hair and highlights as well.  Before you place your order be sure to read “How to Choose the Correct Color” here -> Custom Color Match <-  first with instructions on how to place your order – and be sure to contact me if you would like to see any color swatches.  I will send them out to you asap!


There are many colors to choose from!


Be sure to check out the color chart here --> Color Chart <-- to see all of the colors I have available.


Please put the color or colors you would like in the "order comments" area right above the “review order” button when you check out.

 Thank you Shayli Moore for modeling this for me!

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