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This wide tribal bellydance costume wig headband fantasy hairpiece is custom matched to your hair color!  This would be great for your wedding, your ballroom dancing event or who knows? I would love to know where you would wear it! This crown is my own invention - made by me~ Tressa the hairdressa. Let me be your online hairdresser and never have a bad hair day again!


This is why you need this hair piece:

1) You would need at least 2 feet of hair to make this

2) Your hairstylist does not know how to do this (and I'm not telling)

3) Once you take it out and remove all of the bobby pins at the end of the day you would have to pay that hairstylist again to re do it if you ever wanted to wear this hairstyle again.


You should just save yourself the trouble and buy this from me because I'm the one who dreamt it up and I'm the one who wants to put it on your head!


 It’s a headband. You put it on your head. Those are the instructions. It's that simple!


Once again I invented another instant hairstyle! When you’re done take it off and put it in the releasable storage bag. When you want to wear it again you don't have to go to the salon. You just take it out of the bag and put it on your head. Violia!


Headband is approximately 2 inches wide or 5cm but I custom make these to you so the width can be modified to what you would prefer. It is connected underneath by stretchy hair ties by default but I can make them with matching colored ribbon to tie with instead of the hair ties - just let me know how you would like it in the "notes to seller box" when you check out.


Please note that this is a headband only. Everything else is the model's hair. I match the headband to your hair color for an easy instant hairstyle. Natalie is wearing the dark auburn / auburn mix color and Jessye is wearing the strawberry /platinum mix color.


 There are many colors to choose from!


Be sure to check out the color chart here --> Color Chart <--to see all of the colors I have available.


I can match your hair and highlights as well.  Before you place your order be sure to read “How to Choose the Correct Color” here -> Custom Color Match <-  first with instructions on how to place your order – and be sure to contact me if you would like to see any color swatches.  I will send them out to you asap!


Please put the color or colors you would like in the "order comments" area right above the “review order” button when you check out.


 Thank you Natalie Armantrout for modeling this for me!!

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