5 strand braid hair extension falls tribal bellydance costume custom

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So you like the 5 strand Rapunzel Braid so much you wish you had 2 of them? Yeah I know it. Sometimes I put mine on and spin around in circles. I use them as weapons. It's pretty fun you should try it sometime. These braids are great for anime, for Renaissance festivals, for weddings or for your theater troupe.


These Celtic style 5 strand braid plait wig hair extensions are custom made just for you by me - Tressa the hairdressa! Plaits have been featured in the pages of Vouge magazine as the latest fashion accessory. They are perfect for every day wear whenever you want to feel glamorous and are just the thing for that photo shoot!


Dress up as a Mord Sith, Princess Leia, or Juliet! Braid wig extensions are perfect for your Halloween, theatrical, fantasy, Renaissance or Medieval Period costume! They are ideal for Tribal Belly dancing, Comic con, Cosplay or the SCA yay! Or wear as a bridal hair style for a unique wedding!


The braids can also be worn pinned up in a chignon as a gorgeous style for a formal event, prom, homecoming or as a beautiful style for a bride to wear on her wedding day!


For less than a visit to the salon or the cost of a braid at the Renaissance Festival you can have two fantastically beautiful braids that you can wear over and over again!


These extensions braid right into your own hair and you can't tell where your hair ends and the Rapunzel braids begins! If you can make pigtails that are 3 inches or longer then you can extend your hair with these braids - and it takes less than 10 minutes to put them into your hair! Wow!


My hairpieces are available in over 20 colors!


I can match your hair and highlights as well.  Before you place your order be sure to read “How to Choose the Correct Color” here -> Custom Color Match <-  first with instructions on how to place your order – and be sure to contact me if you would like to see any color swatches.  I will send them out to you asap!


There are many colors to choose from!


Be sure to check out the color chart here --> Color Chart <-- to see all of the colors I have available.


Please put the color or colors you would like in the "order comments" area right above the “review order” button when you check out.


 thank you Kambriel for modeling these for me... be sure to check out her website here: www.Kambriel.com

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